Sunday, 24 December 2017

2018 New Years Eve Dresses, Buy Sparkly Christmas Party Dress and Sexy H...

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Dress - Zaful

I absolutely live for this time of the year! There's just so many parties and events going on, where we get to put together cute little outfits! Today, I wanted to share my favourite type of dress for day-time events - the slip-dress. It's such a classic, and Zaful has so so many beautiful ones, I wanted to get my hands on all of them! I have a couple more outfits I hope to share with you all before the NY for some more inspo! Let me know which one is your favourite!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Jacket - Zaful | Backpack - Sportsgirl | Sneakers - Puma

I put this outfit together for a casual spring afternoon. As you would know, I LOVE pale pink items, and I always miss wearing them in my looks, so today I wore this one from Zaful. It is honestly one of the best purchases I've made in a long's a fantastic over-size fit, and such good quality, for such a cheap price! Just like everything over at Zaful

There's quite a few outfits coming your way! I've been shooting a lot recently, so you can expect a new post at least once a week! I love you all so much, please drop a comment letting me know what you'd like to see from this blog! I'd really appreciate it! I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Top - Zaful | Jeans - Glassons's been a hot minute since I've uploaded on this blog, and I am sincerely sorry about that. I've just been caught up in a lot of different things the past month, that I've fallen a bit behind on this front. But I'm trying to work out a schedule for myself going forward, so that I can keep on top of it the way I used to!

So getting into the outfit.....what do you wear when you're sick of neutral shades like black, grey, white etc? Red! I literally have been obsessed with red recently. It's starting to get really warm here in Sydney, and T-shirts are the easiest things to throw on, that are super weather-appropriate for spring. This is common knowledge, I don't even need to pitch this idea to you guys haha. The one I'm wearing here is a basic one I found on Zaful - it's a super cool, light material, with a very relaxed fit. You can pair it with some black jeans like I have, or other muted items (I wouldn't wear anything else colourful or it might be a bit too overwhelming). I love tying large T-shirts at the front, and then pairing them with high-waisted jeans or shorts! I would love to know what you guys think!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Earned It

Bag - Zaful | Dress - Factorie 

Today was such a beautiful, sunny day, there was really no easier or better option for me than to chuck on a simple black slip dress and just run out the door. I bought this particular dress at the start of the year for Laneway Festival, and I've been wearing it pretty much any chance I get since then. The way that it's designed makes it quite flattering - it's a nice change from most other slip dresses, which I feel are super boxy and make me feel like a tent haha. I pretty much exclusively wear black bags with my outfits, but I really felt that a different colour would match this outfit perfectly. This bag is from Zaful, and it's absolutely stunning. I've had so many compliments, every time I wear it, and it's so god damn cheap! For the price, the quality is brilliant, with a nice velvet outer layer. I can't stress how obsessed I am with it - it's just so beautifully simple. What do you guys think of this go-to, summer outfit?

Thursday, 5 October 2017

New Specials for the Fall Season

Don’t you think the weather is turning a little bit cold? Your summer clothes couldn’t maintain body temperature anymore. That is to say, it’s time to prepare your new outfit for Autumn/Winter.

Talking about looking good in the fall season. What could be better than a sweatshirt/sweater? We prepared and proudly represent you the 2017 fall season collection! No matter you’re a lover of cardigan styled, tunics or lace-up sweaters. We have them all included. Here are some of the most recommended.

2017年9月Sweatshirt&Sweater口碑推广2  2017年9月Sweatshirt&Sweater口碑推广3

This Boat neck loose sweater deserve to be one of the must-have item. Comfortable and easy to match with different outfit. Perfect for outdoors activities.

2017年9月Sweatshirt&Sweater口碑推广  2017年9月Sweatshirt&Sweater口碑推广1

Boat Neck Lace Up Sweater which suits in any situation. We have other colors for option too! Check it out.
2017年9月Sweatshirt&Sweater口碑推广4  2017年9月Sweatshirt&Sweater口碑推广5

A spice Zipper Sleeve Choker Sweater with best quality and unique fashion design. Simple but attractive!

“Where did you get that sweater?”

”I would also like a sweatshirt!”

Does this sounds quiet familiar? Here’s your great opportunity to feel warm and look cool at the same time, click on the link below to add these finest and cheap rates collections into your wardrobe. The cold season is approaching, better hurry!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Season 2 Episode 3

Glasses - Zaful | Coat - She Inside | T-shirt - Ali Express | Overalls - H&M

Hey guys! Today's outfit is just a super cute combo I threw on to go shopping with my sister. I absolutely love a good pair of black dungarees, and I usually tend to layer a white T-shirt underneath, throwing on my Docs to finish off the look. It's super easy, comfortable and casual whilst still looking stylish - perfect for a day like today. I also decided to try on my new pair of transparent sunglasses from Zaful. Aren't these so bloody cool? They're so extra, but I kinda love extra haha, and they're the perfect size for me (I exclusively wear oversized glasses). What do you guys think of this outfit?