Sunday, 13 September 2015


Topgirl dress (other casual black dresses here) | TUK creepers

Today is my last free day I have before I leave for my overseas trip! Even though the flight isn't until next Tuesday, I'm heading up the coast all this week, then working over the weekend, before Kiara gets down here from Brisbane. And then...we're off! And so, naturally, this day was spent being lazy at home watching old Prisonbreak episodes. Normally, I wouldn't even get dressed out of my pyjamas, but I wanted to try on my brand new creepers that finally arrived! I've had a pair in the past, but the sole broke off, and it's taken me like 6 months to replace them haha. And so, I came up with this super duper simple outfit - a thick white jumper over a simple black dress. I actually really love this dress, but I didn't take any full pictures of it, which gives me a good excuse to wear it again in a future post :P


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