Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Alone Together

Chica Booti blouse (similar here) | Cotton On tee | Factorie denim shorts | Nordstrom shoes | Typo backpack (similar here)

And I've done it once again. I've disappeared for a whole what, two/three weeks? I blame my sister, she's the one who usually takes my photos for me, and she went off on a roadtrip to celebrate schoolies, so I had no one to help me out :( But she's back, and I'm back from a short trip to Brisbane, so I should be getting back into a regular rhythm of posting. Anywayyyy, onto the outfit! It's so super hot here (as usual), so here's another summer look that I put together for just a casual day, running errands and chilling about. When it's summer, I basically live in denim shorts, if you haven't already noticed. I mix and match, and although I wore the same shorts in my last post, I thought I'd show you another combo I like to wear. 

As I mentioned, I just got back from Brisbane because it was my friends birthday up there, so I'm just taking it easy the next few days, getting back to work and catching up with my mates. For the periods that I do take off from the blog (which shouldn't be happening anytime soon), you can keep up to date with me on my instagram and snapchat (both @srecking). Hope you all have a lovely week :)