Sunday, 14 February 2016

Take It Back

Chica Booti top (similar here) | Zara pants (similar here) | Nordstrom shoes (similar here) | Delys Shelton jacket (other black jackets here) | Princess Polly sunnies

So, I've been away for three weeks, but I have a totally valid excuse! Unfortunately, I contracted a nasty case of glandular fever that had me house ridden, stuck on my couch watching Netflix and trying not to cry from the pain of simply swallowing. Good news is, I'm pretty much 100% recovered now, so I'm gonna get straight back into the swing of things!

I am obsessed with white pants. I know I don't wear them very often on this blog, but I definitely plan on creating more outfits with them, ones like this that I adore. I've always had this combo in my mind, and I've always had the pieces, so it's about time I've gotten round to actually putting it together! I'm not usually big on belts, but today's vision included quite a bit of chunky accessories, but not too overbearing. I was a little inspired by hip hop, and to be honest, I reckon I'm going to try it again, maybe focusing on mixing gold in next time. I just think with hip hop, the "blang" is what prevents the outfit from being boring. I hope you guys all have a great week!