Friday, 18 March 2016

Burst of Insanity/Clarity

Ambiance jacket (similar here) | Zara pants (similar here) | T.U.K. creepers

If you haven't noticed, I'm completely obsessed with high-waisted skinny pants. I think it's because I just love crop tops (particularly with it still being so hot here), and my midriff is basically the only part of my stomach I'm currently comfortable showing in public, so clearly anything high-waisted is pretty necessary in my wardrobe. You'll be seeing me wear this particular pair of pants a lot on this blog, simply because they're perfect - they're super stretchy, they just fit to your figure nice and snugly. I wear them in so many different combinations, like this and with over-sized tees.

I've just spent the night with my mother, enjoying a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant. Things are pretty relaxed at the moment, just working steady and then enjoying spending time with my mates over the weekends and evenings :)

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