Sunday, 13 March 2016

Everything I Wanted

Cotton On dress | Topshop jumper | Nordstrom booties | H&M coat (other coats here) | Sammy Dress bag

Since it's been summer the last few months, I haven't had the chance to play around with autumn colours and warmer layers, and I'm so happy the season is slowly arriving so I can get back into it. This is a simple, super comfy outfit for any day you want to keep things casual - all you do is choose a dress and throw a sweater over the top! I love this dress (or over-sized top), as its simplicity allows it to be super easy to layer upon. 

This is the brand new bag I mentioned in my previous post from Sammy Dress, and I'm absolutely in love! It's the perfect material, tough and sturdy, and for how cheap it is, the quality is insane! It's not one of those circumstaces where what ends up on your doorstep is vastly different to the photo on the website - you get exactly what you're looking at on your screen! Honestly, I couldn't recommend this enough, if you want a simple, classic black bag you could wear with practically any outfit, any time of the year!

Anyway, today I finally passed my full-license test! No more P's or driving restrictions, I don't have to worry about anymore tests or renewals for the next 5 years! Not much happening in my life at the moment, mostly just working full-time and saving for a few trips I have in mind :)

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