Monday, 28 March 2016

Full Circle

Tokito City top (similar here) | Redoute jacket (similar here) | Factorie shorts (similar here) | T.U.K. shoes | Sportsgirl backpack (similar here)

I'm wearing my trusty denim shorts so much at the moment, as I'm trying to make the most of this warm weather while it lasts before it gets too cold to wear them with bare legs (which I prefer to tights). I finally got around to purchasing a classic white blouse, and I couldn't be happier with this one from Tokito City! I can already tell I'll be wearing it non-stop this coming winter, though I'm definitely feeling like going shopping again, but this time for blouses with unique prints (I want to extend my selection). This is such a simple outfit, consisting of some of my most worn pieces. You've seen this leather jacket a gazillion times on this blog, as well as these shorts - I can't help it! I just always seem to find my way back to them! The shorts are a really nice fit - they're loose, but tight enough to hold at the waist. 

For something a little different, I thought I might start introducing what kind of music I listen to, if you guys are interested. I'll start today with something pretty mainstream, but if you guys haven't given Vampire Weekend a go, you're missing out. I love them because I feel like they're super spontaneous and dynamic. I'm currently doing a bit of a throwback and listening to one of their older albums "Vampire Weekend" (2008). Do yourself a favour and check them out, if you haven't already!


  1. Cool look! :) Love your jacket! :) x