Saturday, 16 April 2016


H&M shirt (similar here) | Sportsgirl shorts (similar here) | Nordstrom shoes (other shoes here) | American Apparel socks | Paddington blazer (similar here)

I'm posting this now, as next week is going to be so super duper busy that I don't even know if I'll get any time to shoot an outfit (I really hope I do), as I'll be heading down to Melbourne for a friend's birthday! This is one of my favourite slightly more formal outfits, involving mixing minimal prints with block colours. This outfit is a very easy palette, and it's more about the pairing of the specific pieces - in this case, the high-waisted shorts together with the blazer and calf-high socks. This combination looks awesome, and can suit either day-time or night-time (just chuck on higher heels!). What do you guys think of this outfit? What would you like to see more of on this blog? I'm always reading all the comments :)

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