Sunday, 8 May 2016


Missguided dress | Nordstrom shoes

The other weekend I went down to Melbourne to celebrate my friend's 23rd birthday, and I had nothing to wear! My plan was to actually buy an outfit down there, but then a mate of mine offered me to wear her dress, which I've accidentally brought back to Sydney with me hahahaha (Don't worry, I'm returning it to her when I see her next month). Anyway, I love the dress so freaking much, I decided to recreate what I wore that night and show you guys! I am absolutely obsessed with camel suede pieces at the moment, and so as soon as I saw it, I said yes straight away! It's very Kylie Jenner inspired, very figure-hugging, and the details on the sleeves are to die for. And........WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF MY NEW SHOES!? This is seriously a big event for me - I hardly ever buy myself any type of shoe, since I've got big feet and it's really difficult. But I'm preparing myself for Sydney Fashion Week in a couple of weeks, and these are the shoes I've chosen to wear! I'm so in love, they're officially the highest heels I own, and they're so comfortable! Have a great Mother's Day everyone!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog;) I love your dress, but I would have liked it more if it wasn't with cleavage. Anyway, it is really nice ;)

    1. Of course, I love your blog! Haha me too, but I had to take what could get! Since I have hardly any cleavage, I think it's nit too bad :P but I appreciate your honesty!