Thursday, 23 June 2016

Midnight Memories

L Show jumpsuit | Live This shades (similar here)

Hiiiii everyone! every Aussie at the moment, I'm really sick and it's taking me FOREVER to get over this damn cold. So I'm shooting a lot less outfits this week than I wanted to. But anyway...

I've collaborated with a couple of online stores for this, and a few other upcoming posts. This lightweight jumpsuit is such an easy and effortless look, though not all too appropriate for this winter weather on it's own, so if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, bring out a nice coat. I added a touch of texture with this velvet choker, and eye-catching reflecting shades (I'll have to take more photos later that really show the details of these sunnies). 

I've got a couple of collaborations in the near future, so I've been spending this week in bed, putting pen to paper on what content I want to include in upcoming posts.

Much love, and I hope you're having a better week than me haha.