Friday, 23 September 2016

Why Do You Feel

Handbag - Rosegal | Leather Jacket - Forever 21 (similar here) | Jeans - Cotton On (similar here)

Another day, another simple, casual outfit for my day to day tasks. There's really nothing too extravagant about what I put together today. I just wanted absolute ease and comfort, so I went with one of my go-to uniforms for days like these - a white blouse and boyfriend jeans. I actually love this new bag I got from Rosegal - it added a subtle vintage vibe to my look that I'm always up for. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything deep brown, as it's such a classy colour. It's small size, and over-the-shoulder strap make it perfect for everyday use! Rosegal are actually very fast at delivering your orders, and their packaged very carefully so they arrive at your doorstep in tip-top condition.
What do you guys think of this look?

Friday, 16 September 2016


Hey guys! So you would've seen in my posts that I've bought a couple of items from Stylewe in the past. If you hadn't heard of the site til now, I wanna give you a run down, as I'm personally obsessed and want to share it with you all! 
Stylewe offers a massive library of authentic, high quality, chic fashion products. There's such an amazing sense of community there, where we're able to communicate with the independent designers, and share ideas. There's soooooo many different styles, honestly, whatever you're looking for, for whatever occasion, you are 100% bound to find it on the site. It's fantastic, as it really encourages low-key designers, such as Aporia, August Time, Everything and so many more, to stop hiding behind brands. You don't need to splurge hundreds of dollars to be fashionable and look good! 
 Here are a couple of my faves that I'm loving right now:

Pockets Long Sleeve Work Polyester Trench Coat
Head on over and see for yourself why not only me, but so many other bloggers are obsessed with Stylewe! (And check out their facebook while you're at it :))

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Road to Ruin

Jacket - Marco Polo (similar here) | T-shirt - East Knitting | Pants - H&M (similar here) | Sneakers - Converse

Week days are pretty much always super casual to me, just because I'm mostly either working, or just running errands. I'm always feeling super lazy, and hardly want to leave my place, so I chuck on casual outfits. So honestly, this isn't the most riveting look, it's just a pair of slouchy pants and a simple tee, which are honestly perfect for these lazy days. I'm obsessed with simple, pop culture tees, like this "Taco Tuesday" shirt. It's super comfy, which is really all I needed on a day like today, and fits perfectly. I tend to layer when I'm being casual - here I've paired my t-shirt with this simple blazer. These are my only sneakers, and I feel they're the only ones I need at the moment. I love the cream colour, as opposed to a boring white - I feel these Converse always look really good with any pants! 

I haven't been able to post as much recently, as my photographer is currently at uni full-time and her schedule conflicts with mine massively. So I actually don't even know how often I'll be able to take photos anymore. But no stress, I'll work it out! I hope you're all having a great week!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Belong to the World

Crotchet top - Dotti (similar here) | Blazer - Paddington Coats (similar here) | Sunnies - Zaful | Handbag - Colette (similar here) | Booties - Long Tall Sally

I'm obsessed with finding staple pieces that will work no matter what trends go in and out of season. Even though I like to experiment with my style, I always like to keep an element of myself in my outfits by incorporating these pieces. Here's a couple that I'm loving right now, and I'm sure will be in my closet for a very long time:
Transparent mirror sunnies
These transparent mirror sunnies from Zaful are so awesome. It's insane how much of a chill, carefree vibe they exude. Honestly, you can wear an outfit as simple as a pair of jeans and basic tee, and these sunnies will add that extra element. The lenses are super reflective, and the transparent framing isn't tacky like so many others I see like it. I honestly just wanna buy these sunnies in all the different colours available!

 I've been adding bows to a lot of my outfits recently, and honestly, I've been absolutely loving it! My rule is, if it even remotely works, boom, the bow will find a presence in the look haha. 

Crotchet Top
I think it's a widely agreed fact that a white crotchet top needs to have a place in anyone's wardrobe. In this look, I wanted to dress it up a wee bit, so I added a bow around my neck, and paired the top with my black blazer. But you can wear crotchet tops in so many different ways.

Burgundy Skirts
Burgundy is a colour that I absolutely love - it's so deep, and is just an overall favourite, alongside khaki and burnt orange, all of which pair so well with neutral palettes. The one I'm wearing is old, but it's from Sportsgirl.

Leather Boots
I adore leather boots, and I feel like I always, always will. I got my first pair a couple years ago, and I've been obsessed ever since. I'm going to continue building my collection, as there's just so many different types out there, and I want them all haha.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what else you'd like me to write about :)