Friday, 16 September 2016


Hey guys! So you would've seen in my posts that I've bought a couple of items from Stylewe in the past. If you hadn't heard of the site til now, I wanna give you a run down, as I'm personally obsessed and want to share it with you all! 
Stylewe offers a massive library of authentic, high quality, chic fashion products. There's such an amazing sense of community there, where we're able to communicate with the independent designers, and share ideas. There's soooooo many different styles, honestly, whatever you're looking for, for whatever occasion, you are 100% bound to find it on the site. It's fantastic, as it really encourages low-key designers, such as Aporia, August Time, Everything and so many more, to stop hiding behind brands. You don't need to splurge hundreds of dollars to be fashionable and look good! 
 Here are a couple of my faves that I'm loving right now:

Pockets Long Sleeve Work Polyester Trench Coat
Head on over and see for yourself why not only me, but so many other bloggers are obsessed with Stylewe! (And check out their facebook while you're at it :))

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