Saturday, 8 October 2016


Leather backpack - Sammy Dress | Dress - Topgirl (similar here) | Sweater - Monster Threads (other jumpers here) | Boots - Dr Martens | Coat - H&M (similar here)

I haven't been wearing very many autumn colours recently, since it's spring down here in Australia, but every now and then I like to incorporate them back into my outfits. This is just a super comfortable outfit for any day really. All I did was throw on a basic black dress and a sweater over the top, without really thinking much about it. The pieces are cute on their own, so of course they'd work fine when paired together. This leather backpack is my go-to daily bag these days. I love the warm brown colour, as opposed to always opting for black options, and it's super sturdy, making it perfect for carrying around all my junk haha. The weather at the moment is insane - it's so so hot, and summer isn't even that close yet! But these days, I'm gonna have to put all my sweaters and such away, it's just getting too hot for them! My day was super average - all I did was work at my cafe and then chill around at home, listening to Jagwar Ma. I'm having a super chill weekend - no plans at all, except meeting up for a coffee with one of my best mates tomorrow :)

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