Thursday, 19 January 2017


Top - Zaful | Cap - Sammy Dress | Bag - Zara (similar here) | Shoes - T.U.K.

I'm back! I'm soooo sorry guys, it's just been a hectic month for me, but the main reason I haven't been able to post is because my sister (who's my photographer) went away to Japan, so I didn't have anyone to take my photos for me! Not only that, she took the chip where I had all my unedited photos stored! That was just poor planning on my behalf. But I'm back now, and I have every intention of trying to get back into a proper rhythm of uploading, much more often than the last few months I'd say!

Moving right along, it's been so unbearably hot in Sydney recently. I'm talking in the low 40s on a daily basis, which makes it hard to put outfits together. Most days I just want to walk around naked, that's how sweaty I am. But thank god, today chilled out a bit, and was a bit cloudy, so I could actually wear something a little more stylish, as opposed to my current uniform of a singlet and shorts. 

I'm in love with this shirt I got from Zaful. It's such a nice, soft material and it a bit of an over-sized fit, so I wore it over the top of some black skinny jeans (though, wearing it tucked in would also work brilliantly). The plant print is just so cute and unique. I chucked on this black cap, to give myself a little bit of protection from the sun. It has such an amazing shape and is such good quality, Sammy Dress make such awesome caps, for such a cheap price!
How was everyone's holidays? I hope they were as splendid as mine :D

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