Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Top - Zaful 

Hey guys! Today's outfit is pretty simple and casual, but also a little different to what I usually dabble in. I have a couple of deep red items in my wardrobe, but honestly not many, and it's definitely not often that I get them out and actually wear them (which is a shame, cos I actually adore the colour). I really want to stress on this top that I got from Zaful - I am seriously so obsessed with it! I'm a huge fan of off-the-shoulder tops like these, and have quite a few in other colours, but this is the only one I have in this deep red wine colour. Off-the-shoulder tops are flattering on pretty much anyone, the ruffle shape keeps it loose and girly. Everything else I paired it with is monochromatic, as I really wanted the top to be the stand-out feature in this outfit. Even though it's winter down here in Sydney at the moment, I personally think this type of top is more suited for summer, which is perfect for all of you in the Northern Hemisphere. What do you guys think of this top?

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